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<h2>Welcome to Bizkit's Slightly Twisted VP Movie Reviews</h2>


<font size=14>Welcome to my new movie review page. I'm your reviewer Bizkit. Here's a little about my policy.<BR>

1. I will never attack a member personally. If your movie is-for lack of a better word-crappy, I will not hesitate to let you know, but personal attacks are below even me.<BR>

2. Please extend the same courtesy to me. Say what you wish about my reviewing style, but if you personally attack me, I will get medieval on your ass. Okay, maybe not, but you'll definately hurt my feelngs.<BR>

3. If you seriously feel that I have badly missed the point on my review of your movie, feel free to email me and make me see the light, and I will take another look at your movie.<BR>

4. And by the way, PULP FICTION RULES! Those who disagree should know better than to shatter my dreams.<BR>


Now here's a little bit about my reviewing style.

<em>Plot</em>-This category basically tells how interested I am about where your story goes. See I have a theory. An interestingly plotted movie, such as <em>The Usual Suspects</em>, or <em>L.A. Confidential</em> will tend to get a higher review than some WB-star filled <em>Scream</em> rip-off. See what I mean here?<BR>

<em>Casting</em>-If you have Jack Nicholson playing a high school senior, tell me what's wrong with that. We also don't need to see Haley Joel Osment playing a divorced father of three. Thats improbable(not to mention creepy)and takes alot of my focus off the movie itself.<BR>

<em>Dialogue</em>-You can have the best plot in the world, and great casting, but if your characters talk to each other like they're robots, then who cares?<BR>


Those are the main criteria, but I will be also customizing my reviews to fit a certain movie, and may invent new categories if they are needed. <BR>


Now, on to the reviews!