Very Interesting Facts Not Found On Other Pages

  1. The Words to Naked in a Shopping Mall change every time.
  2. During any band rehearsal, the word "f---" may be said anywhere from 130-600 times.
  3. Ben and Jordan were in a band together called "Metabolism". One early song was called "Candy Corn".
  4. Jordan breaks a pair of sticks per week on the average.
  5. During any rehearsal, there is usually more Nintendo 64 playing, fighting, eating, etc. than actual music playing.
  6. Noah enjoys messing with Jordanís head, like telling him that equipment breaks when it is perfectly fine, etc.
  7. Some earlier band names include: Whoís Johnny Dating, Ur2000, Public Display of Affection.
  8. None of the members of the band can actually play any instrument(ok I made that up)
  9. Jordan, Noah, and Ben actually still have some hope that the girls love guys who are in a band.
  10. Lauren is definitely the only member who is still sane.
  11. Jordan once tried to sing Pretty Fly For a White Guy and was laughed at.

Thatís all folks!