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This page is dedicated to a new band named 11th Hour Rush. This is a site dedicated to them. Read on. Table of Contents: 1. Who's In This Band? 2. Where are they from? 3. What kind of instruments? 4. History 5. The New Album 6. Who shot JFK, and the answer to every major unanswered question, including the existence of Bigfoot, the Lochness monster, and aliens. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Who's in This Band? Lauren Campanell-Lead Guitar, vocals, bass Noah Feuer-Rhythm Guitar, vocals Jordan Posner-Drums, percussion, scratches, vocals. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. Where are they from? All three members of the band hail from Dayton, Ohio. They met in the sixth grade, and shared their love of music immediately. --------------------------------------------------------------------- 3. What kind of instruments? Jordan plays a TAMA Rockstar set with Sabian cymbals. Noah plays Fender guitars and amps, with an Ibanez pedal thing. Lauren plays Ibanez guitars and amps. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 4. History The band met in sixth grade at Tower Hieghts Middle School. The band first started after Lauren and Jordan found some other kids and started a group. Noah later joined, and the band was born. The group recently performed in the Tower Heights Middle School Talent Show. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 5. The New Album The New Album, titled "Who's Johnny Dating" should be released around summer 1999. ---------------------------------------------------------------------- 6. Yeah right, go on some other site.