Gremlin's Soul
Words by J. Posner
Music by N. Feuer

moderately slow punk beat
He lives
In his own pain,
And he watches
kids at play
he discovers
Stabbing his brain
Is the pressure
of his day
(bass comes in)
self esteem
say he's a crazy
they don't know him
and they don't try
at best is hazy
hes always sad
but never cries
But he never met a guy, that wasn't cool and fly
He can count his friends on one hand they're the ones that never cry
But if you take a good glance, and you give him a chance,
You'll find that he's an ass hole and he might deserve to die


What is it
Is it nothing
But a lie
Is it nothing
But a feeling
That escapes you
When you die

What is it
Is it nothing
But a feeling
We discover
We get by

He's a meanie
And a badass
With his razor
Sharp claws
any prison
Cannot hold him
He ignores
All the laws
Can you take it
Try to meet him
If he doesn't
Kill you first
Will you make it
And defeat him
As far as monsters
He's the worst


But you go up to his house he pours a cup of coffee black
And you better tell the truth or he will go and attack
And if you play your cards right, and get through the night
The mofo may stay sane, and he might not blow his stack




Tell Me
Words by J. Posner and L. Campanell
Music by L. Campanell

Spill your guts if you must
Start a fire in my ear
But I don't wanna care
about the rapture in first gear
Bring the mallet down on my aching crown
Exploding in pain
The words writhing down
Like a crazy cherry stain
You try to talk to me...but it's hard to see
With all this funky crap
You gotta pay a fee
Well you live in the slums but all I got is my drums
And I play em real hard
my whole life needs some Tums
Try to find but hide inside the kind of lies that never die that keep it loose you know the truth but you can see it in your eyes
Minivan, don't give a damn
You come with a smile
But if you wanna call my house
Get off your ass and dial

Tell me your name
I wanna call you
Right now
Since you play games
I guess we'll never meet
Are you insane
Carbonation gets to me
Pepperoni or plain
Why don't we wait and see

You're just a puzzle
A Rubiks cube of thoughts
Cause any crazy fool knows I can't be bought
Bring the pendulum down
Like in the Poe's tail
Cause if yu try and try
Your sorry ass is gonna fail
Tried and true I'm promising you
A letter, a lie
Seeing with the third eye
Be cool, be right
Get through the night
As you cry dry tears
Sort through your fears
Hitting 4, pushing 5
Head so sore it needs a high
But you don't cause you know
it don't do no good
And you think it should
But I'm tired and worn
Fighting the song of the fight
Of the night
As the presence on
You find yourself wanting to call
Me, plain to see
That you can fall
Or is it you I wanna call


Yeah you knowits dope and smack have a heart attack take a lunch pack on your trip to the stack
And you break the mold they made you in gonna see you there, yeah
And its funky and its great you're gonna try on a size 8 yea cause the gate it
is your fate and it's too late to relate
Cause you crawl all over me like you was Sajak on TV
And you lose, you lose in the end


words by J. Posner
music by L. Campanell

Life is such a cruel reality
Most guys don't make it, maybe two or three
Not some stupid punks who lose face
Not some talentless pukes from Centerville, O.H.
We say we're homies from the ghetto, We say we're streetwise and cool
But who the hell are we kidding, we went to public school
So we leave all that, and we start the show
We play our instruments, and we stay with the flow
Cause our exparation is coming real soon
We stick out like a freakin' sand dune
Never mislead the people again
Cause we are evil, evil is sin
You know it ain't so bad to be from the Midwest
Instead of the coast, and we're all a big mess
The Ohio kids are boring, they don't have enough sass
But the Ohio kids are gonna move it and kick your ass


Who are you when you said we wouldn't make it
Look at us today
We bring down the house in the Buckeye State
And across the USA

Yea we're freaky and we bust all day long
Moves on the stage
We have our own show, only friends no foes
So to the next page

Yeah quit looking at us cause we ain't from Long Beach
And we still ain't from L.A. or Harlem, don't preach
But we still got the sounds
Enough to go around
We spew neat grooves
And hell, we got moves
We aren't the best but we ain't the worst neither
We totally don't suck like a vacuum cleaner
Cause we are not fooling anybody here
We're from the suburbs we have hopes and fears
We got guitars, amps, and drums
We write songs when the feeling comes
What you got to say to that


Instrumental break