Information About The Band

Okay, you may be asking yourself, who are these people? Well, here's a small biography on each member:
Lauren Campanell is the bass player and one of the singers for the band. Writing powerful and descriptive lyrics, and playing electrifying riffs, she is a key element in the band. Lauren is the only girl in the band, but she's also probably the smartest member, and always breaks up fights between the other members. Lauren has just recently switched to bass from guitar, and is doing a great job.
Noah Feuer is the band's rhythm guitarist, and also sings. With his catchy melodies, Noah is the key to the band's roaring guitars. Noah plays a Fender Mexican Strat guitar, with an Ibanez distortion pedal
Jordan Posner is the band's drummer. Keeping the band alive with his expressive drumming style,blending ska, punk, latin, reggae, and other styles, Jordan holds the songs together.Also writing and singing many of his own lyrics, and collaborating with Lauren, Jordan is essential. He plays a Tama Rockstar set with Sabian cymbals and vic firth sticks.
Ben Devine is the band's lead guitarist, lending his speedy guitar solos and flair for songwriting to 11hr. His crafty playing and soaring tunes create the band's unique sound and a great sort of music that cannot be duplicated.